Macarronic Obama Assesor Visit

My name is Hidalgo, as the wine cellar of the little aple of Sanlucar named The Gipsy: Patrick Hidalgo. And I have been in Seville with te Obama Assesor Team, teaching to the Municipality the way for winning the next election. Because the Socialist and Communist Municipal Team of the Mayor Alfred Seirinmount did not won the past election: they eated what in the Pumarexian Languaje is called a moxon like a house, only with 124,534 votes. The real winner in that elections of May 2007 was the Popular Party, also called The Pijo´s Party or The Fried Potatoes Men Party. The Popular Party took 128,776 votes, the 41 per cent; and the Socialist Party, only 124,534 votes, the 40 per cent. But the United Left, the little party of the Man of the Pipe, gave to Mr. Seirinmount his 25,772 votes, really a merd of results, and so they took the goverment of the City Council, the famous San Francisco Great House.

When I have been in Seville in the trincation and the mangation of 60.000 euros for a conference to Mr.Seirinmount´s friends and collegues, I have feel that the Mayor believe that he is Obama in person. And for the health of my sons and for my mother glory, I jury that he has nothing to see with Mr.Obama. Nor with the face painted in black, like the Baltasar King in the Atheneian Cabalgade, the people can believe thar Mr. Seirinmount has the charisma of Mr.Obama. Nor quite drunks.

But the dolar is the dolar, and I told them what they won to hear. I tell them that Seville is the best city in the world, with the Tramway, with the Sensible Skin in the old squares, as Bread Square or Alfaf Square, and with Rodin sculptures in the New Square or Dali sculptures in the Salver Square, broken by the new barbarian of the South. And Mr.Seirinmount smiled, and said: «This is the Modernity, uncle, the Progress, and the oposition is quite Fascist, with the Bellavistian Bank and with the daily photography of Mr.Zoid in the fish market, with the Rightist Clam; all the clams are conservatives, because they throw the water stream to the rigth, what a so fascit clam!, as The Man of the Pipe discovered».

The men of the Seville City Council asked me about Internet; about the use of Internet by Mr.Obama during the electoral campaing to president of the United States of America. «May we won the election using the Internet, and the e-mail?», they asked me. And I said: «E-mail is not the correct word here, because remember the name Emily, and here is not a saint name. Because Emily Little Car is not now in the Construction on a Dream like in the past was, and he is dedicated to Transcendental Meditation, in what he thinks: “What a party of mamons!” And I continued, in my explanation about the use of Internet to the greater glory of Mr.Seirinmount: “What you must to do, is just what Mr.March Ena do much time ago: send thousand and thousand of Internet messages to everybody, to a complete Mail List, with articles and columns of journalist of the Regime, where they said that Seville is the best of the world and the Mayor the best of the born peoples, thanks to Creative Class, in spite of the Carcarians and Fachians and Retardatarians Group, which smile and applaud when a Hole open in the floor in the Sherry Gate and the famous press stand go to the caraxian, in the mouth of the Subway of the Progress and Modernity».

I am very happy with my visit and with my lesson to the team of the Seville Mayor, who tinks he is Mr.Obama, but born in The Cornered instead of Chigago. When the conference was finish, I went with the barands of Municipality to a breakfast. I never have seen that kind of white prawns, and Maine lobster called «bogavante» and oyster. I have discovery that these sea treasures are called in Sevilla «pinceladas al centro» (touch of paintbrush in the center). And I bring from Sevilla a dude: why if they said are socialist, the touch of painstbrush also called «gloria bendita» (holy glory) is situated always in the center and not in the left side of the table where they pay generously with the very progressist Visa Platinum or Visa Gold? Mr.Zoid gave me the answer: «No, we can not. Mr.Seirinmount is impossible».


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